Meet The Team


Danielle Drake

Hi My name is Dani, I am here to help you achieve your goals.
I have been working in the aged care / disability sector for more than 10 years. 

I am most passionate about supporting people living a life that they choose, making their own choices, setting and reaching goals and maximizing funding to enhance a happy, fulfilling life that creates opportunity and growth.

I understand nothing comes easy which is why I am always up for a challenge.  

Actions speak louder than words, that’s why I am always up for a challenge, and I enjoy problem solving. 

I am here to help you navigate through the world of NDIS.

Lets work together to create a world in which you make.

Ph: 0493 430 524
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Simone Amiet

As a Support Coordinator at Heathy Emporium, I am firmly committed to the principles of choice and control and I aim to support participants at the centre of their planning process. 
I will always strive to have people’s voices heard and do what I can to ensure people with a disability are living a life free from discrimination. My aim is to support people to believe in themselves, find their place in their world, and live a life determined by them. 
As a mother of a child with a medically complex disability I have extensive lived experience and knowledge and know wholeheartedly the struggles that those with a disability and their families are faced with every day. Because of this I found my passion for support and transitioned my career to Support Coordination. 
I hope to assist with easing these struggles and ensuring that participants maximum benefit from their plans.  
I love talking to people and sharing my passion for support. Please feel free to reach out to me if you would just like to have a chat, have any questions about the NDIS or would just like to know more.

Ph: 0476 63 78 09

Email: Click here to send a direct email to Simone



My name is Zoe, I am a Support Coordinator here at Healthy Emporium.
I fell into working with people with disabilities from watching a family members journey through life with a disability. 
This fired up a passion to want to provide a high level and reliable support to the people who needed it most. 
It all started working as a Support Worker supporting participants in their homes and the community with their personal care, daily living tasks, social access and much more! 
I then transitioned into Support Coordination which is where I have been for some time now and haven’t looked back. 
During my time in this space I have worked with some incredible people and a range of disabilities,
I hope to continue working and meeting many more as I progress through this space. 

Ph: 0477 29 31 30
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Natalie Tobin

Hi! I’m Nat,  I have the passion and drive to help you.
Initially working in Business Management, I decided I needed a career change. Helping People. 
It felt so rewarding helping people, the less fortunate and vulnerable.I studied to gain my relevant qualifications and began working as a Support Worker. It by far was the most rewarding job I have ever done. Why didn't I do this earlier?
As my passion grew, so did my experience and my knowledge of NDIS and what it entailed. I gravitated towards clients with Mental Health disabilities because I could relate to them and understood many of the complex situations they were living with daily.
As a Support Worker I found myself studying, researching, reading and navigating the NDIS to find out how I can best help my clients get the most out of their plans. This is when I knew what I needed to do. Move into Support Coordination.
In my spare time, I am currently writing a Children's book, educating our children that it's ok to be different, living with Disabilities and Mental Health.
I am looking forward to working with you, and if yourself or someone you love needs Support Coordination - especially in Mental Health please reach out to me!

Ph: 0493 394 489
Email: Click here to send a direct email to Natalie

Meet Founder 

Kylie Walker


Kylie is the Director of Healthy Emporium.  


Kylie came into the Disability sector through lived experience, she saw first hand the impact disabilities had on her nephew and knew this was an area she wanted to build her business in. 


 Kylie is passionate about helping participants to implement, understand and maximise their NDIS plans.


  She believes having the right supports in place are imperative for participants to achieve their goals.


  For Kylie there is nothing more fulfilling to see her participants achieve their goals and build a supportive team. 


Ph: 0493 218 746


Email: Click here to send a direct email to Kylie 

Have questions...... Book a complimentary call with a Support Coordinator by emailing direct or book a suitable time by booking through our scheduling app.

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