3 Healthy Additions to Your Morning Yogurt

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

Yoghurt bowls have become a staple of mine to start my day on a healthy note. What I love about them is there is so many variances you can choose so you will never get bored and there would have to be at least one that would you love.

For me being a busy mum they are also super quick and convenient to create without adding unwanted chemicals, synthetics, processed sugars & super easy to add loads of additional nutrients.

Now I am certainly no cook however I do like to research and find recipes that work for me so I encourage you to jump on the world of google and see what creations you can come up with however below I have listed some of my favourites for you to try. xx

Pina Colada: Vanilla Greek Yogurt + Fresh Pineapple + Toasted Coconut + Hazelnuts

Blueberry Superpower: Vanilla Greek Yogurt + Fresh Blueberries + Granola + Honey (or substitute honey for Rice Malt Syrup)

Strawberry Kiwi: Vanilla Greek Yogurt + Fresh Strawberries + Kiwi Fruit

So I encourage you to get creative and find what your favourite flavour is and as you create be sure to tag me @thehealthyemporium on instagram because as I said I am no amazing cook so I'm always up for ideas.

Fresh Fruit: Blueberries Strawberries Blackberries Raspberries Kiwi Pineapple Coconut Flakes Mangoes Pineapple Peaches Oranges Bananas Cherries

Nuts: Pistachios Almonds Walnuts Pecans Cashews

Dried Fruits & Superfoods: Coconut Flakes Dried Cranberries Granola Chia Seeds Dried Apricots Dates Dried Cherries

Sweetener: Honey Agave Nectar 100% Pure Maple Syrup Brown Sugar Stevia

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