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We understand how challenging the NDIS can be, from obtaining access to understanding your plan so we are here to help you.

Healthy Emporium is a registered provider with the NDIS & certified by the Quality & Safeguards Commission to deliver Support Coordination Services across Australia.

At Healthy Emporium we come with years of combined experience helping participants to achieve their goals. We focus on building lasting relationships that are focused on person centred practise. We spend the time to understand your goals, cultural beliefs, challenges, values and support needs to ensure we are delivering support suitable to your needs.

We have a commitment to respond to our participants within 24hrs and found this has been one of our companies greatest success in keeping connected with our participants. 

You will find the team at Healthy Emporium are knowledgeable, honest, reliable and committed to working with you to achieve your goals and maximise your NDIS plan.


To find out more about Support Coordination and what this means see the information below. 

We look forward to connecting with you and assisting you on your journey.

Support Coordination

What Is Support Coordination?

Support Coordination will assist you to build the skills you need to understand, implement and use your plan. We will work with you to ensure a mix of supports are used to increase your capacity to maintain relationships, live more independently, be included in your community & find service providers and products best able to meet your individual needs. We understand your frustrations and concerns with understanding how the NDIS works, you are not alone all to often participants are issued with their plans and are overwhelmed as to where to start to implement the support they need and what services are available to them. We are here to support you, to do the leg work and assist you with maximising your plan.

How Can A Support Coordinator Help Me?

As a Support Coordinator we will support you to understand and implement the funded supports in your plan and link you to community, mainstream and other government services. As a Support Coordinator we will focus on supporting you to build skills and direct your life as well as connect you to providers.

We will assist you to negotiate with providers about what they will offer you and how much it will cost out of your plan.


We will ensure service agreements are completed and cover the necessary items to ensure you are receiving the best support possible for your individual needs. We will help you to build your ability to exercise choice and control, to coordinate supports and access your local community.

We will assist you in planning ahead to prepare for your plan review.

We will assist you to 'optimise' your plan ensuring that you are getting the most out of your funded supports.

Areas Of Specialisation

  • Autism

  • Cerebal Palsy

  • Mental Health - Including Complex

  • Acquired Brain Injury

  • Intellectual Disabilities

  • Physical Disabilities

If you have a disability outside of the above areas it's not to say we can't assist you however we will also be honest and if we don't know the answers we will seek them for you. If we identify we are unable to assist you we have a great network of Support Coordinators specialising in many areas within the sector that we can refer you on to.

If you are ready to connect, needing someone to help you implement your plan click on the " Book Your Free Session" below. Here you will be able to have a complimentary 30 min call with a Support Coordinator to get your questions answered.

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We are so fortunate to have Kylie as our amazing support 😊


 It can be extremely overwhelming when new supports come into your life, but I can honestly say that this was not the case with Kylie. From our very first meeting, Kylie made me feel comfortable and confident with who she was as a person and the level of support she would provide for my daughter.

Kylie has a natural understanding of what equality means. She is willing and more than happy to learn about the person she is supporting and genuinely wants to assist in ensuring a high quality of life for that person.


I have found Kylie to be extremely understanding and non judgemental of our situation and especially my daughter and her challenging behaviours. 

Kylie is very easy to talk to and she willing shares her thoughts, ideas and expertise around appropriate activities, behaviour strategies and general daily living skills.


Kylie is also someone who reflects and problem solves throughout her day and where necessary will often have a new or different approach so to achieve a positive outcome for both herself and the person she is supporting.


Some valuable work qualities - 

  • Reliable
  • Punctual 
  • Communicates well

  • Considerate

  • Fast learner

  • Asks questions

  • Takes initiative 

  • Calm

  • Patient


Kylie has been an amazing fit for our family and I am so happy, comfortable and confident to have her come into my home and support my daughter and I know and trust that my daughter is being cared for and supported in a safe and loving way. 

Peta (Parent of Emma)

It is my pleasure to recommend Kylie Walker


As the parent of a child with a Disability it is often daunting when sourcing new supports to work within our family dynamic. I can wholeheartedly say that Kylie made this process so smooth and filled us almost instantly with confidence in her abilities.


Kylie is extremely confident within her skill set and this clearly stems from her experience within the industry. She was always open and wiling to intently listen to our requests and fully understand our sons level of support.

Kylie always expressed a desire to learn more about our sons needs so that she could genuinely assist in ensuring the highest level of support was provided to him at all times.


Kylie was always understanding of our family situation and especially when our sons needs flared to intense levels. She was never overwhelmed or showed signs of stress, she always absorbed as much information as she could and asked us the best way to support our son in those moments moving forward.

Kylie is Considerate, Observant, Thoughtful, Attentive, Reliable, Punctual, Adaptive, Supportive and always maintains a level of calm professionalism even during times of high stress.

Kylie made a positive impact on our family during her time supporting our son. I have no doubt that she will do the same with any families she supports in the future.

Simone (Parent of Samuel)

I have personally known Kylie for a number of years.

Kylie has always demonstrated integrity, drive, knowledge and creativity in both her professional and personal life.

Kylie has a lived experience with people living with a disability which will be a great asset to anyone with whom she works with.


I have seen Kylie assist people to work towards and achieve their goals with great success.

Susie (Associate)

Meet The Team

Personal Image.jpg

Kylie Walker

Kylie is the Director of Healthy Emporium. Kylie came into the Disability sector through lived experience, she saw first hand the impact disabilities had on her nephew and knew this was an area she wanted to build her business in. Kylie is passionate about helping participants to implement, understand and maximise their NDIS plans. She believes having the right supports in place are imperative for participants to achieve their goals. For Kylie there is nothing more fulfilling to see her participants achieve their goals and build a supportive team. 

Ph: 0421 90 90 97
Email: Click here to send a direct email to Kylie

Michele Johnson

My role as a Support Coordinator for Healthy Emporium is one I look forward to for many reasons, but to be able to assist and help others to access the right supports which will enable them to achieve their goals is important to me. 

Because of my background in hairdressing and retail management, it has given me the skills to easily converse with people and listen to their needs.

 I believe I am an empathetic person who understands the struggles life can bring.


As having to endure years of IVF, anxiety and depression to achieve my dream of becoming a mother has given me an insight into what others go through.


My dream did come true and my twins are now 8 years old.


I am excited to help people overcome their barriers to enable their dreams to become a reality just like I did.


Zoe Walker

My name is Zoe, I am a Support Coordinator here at Healthy Emporium.
I fell into working with people with disabilities from watching a family members journey through life with a disability.
This fired up a passion to want to provide a high level and reliable support to the people who needed it most. 
It all started working as a Support Worker supporting participants in their homes and the community with their personal care, daily living tasks, social access and much more!
I then transitioned into Support Coordination which is where I have been for some time now and haven’t looked back. 
During my time in this space I have worked with some incredible people and a range of disabilities,
I hope to continue working and meeting many more as I progress through this space. 

Ph: 0406 511 981
Email: Click here to send a direct email to Zoe. 

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